Gender Recognition Certificate

GRCBack in July of this year, I began the process of applying for my GRC. I went to see Dr Kenny Midence at Ysbyty Gwynedd because he is one of the doctors on the gender recognition panel, and the only one in Wales (I mentioned Dr Midence  in a previous post), I received his report in mid August. I had printed off the application form for the GRC in July, and with the medical information from my GP Dr Elizabeth Matthews, photocopies of relevant documents which included my driving licence photocard and paper licence, utilities and household bills, letter from HR at last job; I made an appointment at Mold Law Courts to see a magistrate to witness my application.

12th August, I arrived at Mold Law Courts for 9.30 am and had just over 30 minutes wait before I could see the magistrate – Douglas Jones JP (Justice of the peace). I had to swear an oaf in front him to state that I am who I say I am (Cerys Lisa Davies), that I intend to live as myself from now until the day I die. On returning home, I put the application in the post – special delivery because of the sensitivity of the documents. Within a week I got a letter back from the GRC panel in Leicester, it turned out that I had forgotten to ask Douglas Jones JP to complete the section with his details to prove he was able to witness my oath. Therefore, I had to return to Mold Crown courts  to have him complete the missing part. On this occasion, he was not sitting and thus, another JP witnessed and completed the necessary documents – a Graeme Thomas. Again, on returning home, I posted the GRC document off with a few extra documents of proof with my name including a copy of my ECDL1 certificate and personal statements off of friends.

Wednesday, 18th September, a letter arrived from the Gender Recognition Panel , dated 16th September stating:

I am writing to confirm that we have received your further information. Copies have been made and added to your application. Your application will be listed to go before the panel in due course and you will be informed of the date in writing.

On Friday 27th September, i arrived home from Coleg Cambria in Llaneurgain (I am halfway through my ECDL2), to find the postie had posted a card that i had to go to the Royal Mail Distribution Centre in Flint to collect an A4 letter which I had to sign for. This morning, I called there ahead of my flu jab appointment. On returning home I opened the letter to see my GRC. Not only that, but whilst I was out, the postie had been and I had received today, a letter reading that they had included a copy of a full birth certificate in my name of Cerys Lisa Davies, gender Female.  The size of the grin on my face is still huge – ear to ear. They will send me a short birth certificate but I can request full copy which includes the names of my mam and dad for the sum of £9.95. I will need this to apply for jobs since the law came in back in 2004, that you have to show proof of your right to work in the United Kingdom even though one is born here. All because of the influx of immigrant workers from the EU since 2005.  😀

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About Cymraes Bach

I am a Welsh woman (cymraes) who is strongly opposed to the colonial state that is England. I have nothing against it's people but, I do not agree with Westminster governng my country and how we Cymry live.

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